Our Chefs are not hired, they are handpicked and nurtured just like an Indian farmer, diligently would nurture the grains of exotic Basmati Rice. They are chosen on the basis of pedigree, extensive experience and their penchant for creating an exceptional dish out of ingredients commonly found in an Indian kitchen more like a bank would choose its senior most executive.
Why do we do that? Why would you think we go to such lengths to find the correct set of culinary talent? The answer to that would be our utmost commitment to delivering the best there is in Indian food. This also highlights why we are inclined towards serving food that has worldwide recognition.

feature one


To be the most sought culture rich Indian restaurant turned food chain where happiness is found in our culinary delight.

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Keeping our ingredients fresh, just like our innovative ideas, is the key factor of delivering service to our esteemed clients. Our success is measured by calculating the usage of cutting edge concepts, quality and convenience that is seen by every content customer, whether in a company owned or a franchise outlet.

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Value Proposition

At Deccan Spice we prepare our food as if we were cooking for family, in small batches. Our chefs understand the proper method and time required for our authentic preparations.